My Story



My Story

This is my island in the sun willed to be by my fathers’ hand. All my days I will sing in praise of its forest, waters and shinning sun. I see women bend their knees cutting cane for their families. I see men at the water side casting their nets at the evening tide.” There are times in the past when from out of the blue, I found myself humming that song from my native island. The memories of its; rich culture, exotic dishes, diverse ethnicities and natural beauty engulfed me. There are other memories that surface too, like the fact that it is also a land where you either have or have not. I belonged with the have not.

     Hello, my name is Petula Alicia I am originally from the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. I was told by a friend of the family that at my birth I was so tiny and I had so many tubes connected to me that they thought I would not survive. One day I asked my mother about the circumstances of my birth, her account differed from her friends. My mother claims I was earlier than my due date and an emergency c-section was preformed because of her high blood pressure. She said, “I left the hospital just days after your were born with you in my arms”. I must admit I liked my family’s’ friend version better because I could claim that I came into this world with fighting determination and that I have beaten the odds.


     The oldest of four children I was responsible for the daily care of my baby brother and two younger sisters, since my mother was a single parent, work kept her away from home. Growing up life was very difficult for my siblings and me. We experienced hunger on a regular basis and there was never any money for luxuries. I remember at Christmas time we would get a dry branch, cover it with cotton and gift wrap match boxes to decorate the home made Christmas tree. Although there were never any presents to put under our tree. That life made me determined that I would not suffer the same fate as my mom. I vowed to myself that I would SUCCEED. During those difficult times I relied on day dreams and television to get me through it. I dreamt of growing up and going to college, having a career, a happy family, and becoming my own boss. Most of all I had dreams of never being hungry, clothing less and money less, ever again. Those difficult times have made me into the woman I am today.

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Who am I?

I’m Kind, consistent, hardworking, persistent, and passionate about living the best life that I can possibly live. I’m committed to my goal of encouraging, and inspiring others by sharing my journey of creating “The Lifestyle of Living Well”. Everywhere I go everything I do is about creating that balance in my life. I’m employed as a full time nanny by day and I’m now a part time network marketer. One of the most powerful changes I’ve made in 2015 is to become a Network Marketer. It has taken me to the second phase of my journey to personal growth and personal development. I face my fears and one of those is vacationing on my own in a foreign country. But this summer I vacationed in the Bahamas alone.The videos below are from my vacation. 

How will I help You?
By being truly devoted to sharing my journey with you about how to follow your heart, challenge your selves and achieve personal growth in your effort to create a balance life for your selves. Every one’s vision of a ‘Living Well Lifestyle’ will be different, but the core values and principles will be the same. I will share with you how becoming a Network Marketer is helping me in my journey. I invite you to grab a seat and make sure to buckle up because this is going to be one heck of a roller coaster ride!

One last thought the only way to be successful is to take action. Are you ready to take action today? To take action to achieve the personal growth and success you have always dreamt of and may desperately need!

More from my summer vacation in Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas.


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