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1. Accept yourself unconditionally – love yourself where you are. Take this example, if you’re over weight you can dislike your body size but you can still love your body in spite of your body size.


2. Be Patient, Understanding and Loving To Yourself – Many times the inner negative and hash criticism we use on ourselves we would never think to use on people we love, respect and value. Learn to be gentle with yourself.




3. Learn to Respect and Value Yourself – no matter what negative messages or interactions you may encounter; respect and value yourself and demand better from yourself and others. Have a no tolerance policy when it comes to repeated disrespect; of you, your time and your talents. This may sound hash but remember others can do to you only what you allow them to.


4. Surround Yourself With People Who Value and Support The Real You – Having people in your life who sincerely love and support you is very important in fostering self-love, self-worth, a sense of belonging and a loving community. They will help to anchor you during difficult and challenging times.




5. Nurture Yourself – Make time for quality self-care. Learn how to take care of your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. This is a vital part of putting self-love into action.


6. Put A Stop To Negative Self-Talk – Learn to stop having destructive self-talk within yourself. Your internal conversation and thoughts about yourself affect your self-belief and your self-belief affects your self-esteem, your self-confidence, your self-value and how you live your life each day.




7. Use Positive Support Resources – Morning affirmations or morning prayers will help set the tone of your day. Find inspirational and motivational resources such as; motivational speakers, books, videos, a life coach, and webinars. Those are just a few examples. Since there are a vast variety of inspirational and motivational resources out there.


My goal is to motivate and encourage you to love yourself because when you are grounded in healthy self-love. You can effect change in your life which will enable you to impact the world positively.

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