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I speak with so many women who do not have time for themselves because they’re just too busy. It’s like they’re even too busy to breathe. Many of us are way too busy working, caring for their families and making others happy. I will give you (3) three reasons why it’s important to ‘Love Yourself’. When translated it means, ‘to take care of yourself.’ That is what “Love Yourself Wednesdays” are all about: I want to encourage you, to inspire and motivate you. So that you would take better care of—You. I want you to understand that you’re a precious gift to those people who love you and to this world.


1. Having healthy self-love—this entails taking care of you and helps you to love others. You’re more tolerant, accepting and forgiving because you’re not projecting your personal self-hate or negativity onto others. You are then able to have more positive interactions with other people. And to meet them where they are without judgment and criticism.


2. When you take time away from others or from work—you are able to mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally recharge. When you keep giving and giving but never recharging. That leads to burnout, stress and all sorts of health issues. Spending time alone can make a world of difference in your attitude and with your energy level.


3. The better care you take of yourself—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually the more you’ll have of yourself to give; at home, at work, in your community and socially. Take care of you so you can take care of those you love


Invest in yourself by loving you. Take away tip—create little “Love Yourself Moments” throughout the day. This is where you do something small but nice for yourself. That would lift your mood and give you a physical, and mental break.

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